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I will

Goals are funny things, figments of the imagination existing only until achieved or abandoned. An eclectic collection of rose coloured hopes and unfulfilled dreams of things once desired.

A goal attained is worthy of a victory dance, celebrating the small wins in life is important. Yet almost immediately I find myself asking “what’s next?“.

Travel taught me that the journey is often far more interesting than the final destination. I have found the same to be true of goals, considering how they evolve over time is more instructive than simply listing them out.

Achieved, and remains so.
Achieved, but no longer so, will do it again.
Work in progress.
Someday, but not today.
Achieved, but wouldn't do it again.

Happy & Content

  • Learn to juggle.
  • Buy a television. Get cable tv for sports.
  • See the Canberra Raiders win the premiership. Sigh, maybe next year!
  • Receive a hug from Julia Roberts.
  • Be interesting enough to get a girlfriend. Have sex. Get married. Don’t fuck it up!
  • Buy beer. Buy beer legally. Go out often. Go out at all. Quit drinking. Enjoy staying in.
  • Learn to drive. Buy a car. Race an open wheeler racing car. London traffic and parking does not lead to happiness.
  • Move out. Live in a house I own. Design and build a dream house.
  • Get a dog.
  • Grow my hair long. Grow a Santa Claus beard.
  • Have kids. Survive the early years with kids. Enjoy kids. Become friends with kids as adults.
  • Build a self-service on-demand kids television system. Pre-Netflix!
  • Get a fridge with an ice and water dispenser on the door.
  • Learn to cook dim sum.
  • Wake up without the alarm.
  • Live at the beach.
  • Get a cat.
  • Work as an extra in a Star Wars movie.
  • Make an effort. It has been said that I am grumpy and anti-social, mainly because I don’t much like people in general. 
  • Be happy and content. Feel happy often, and content consistently.

Health & Fitness

  • Learn to ride a bike. Buy a bike. Learn to ride motor bike. Only crazy people with a death wish ride bikes in London!
  • Run a sub 20 minute 5km. Run a half marathon. Finish a full marathon. Get back into running.
  • Get six pack abs.
  • Comfortably fit into a pair of jeans I wore in university.
  • Captain the Australian cricket team. Yes, I recognise that the last time I played competitive cricket was in the under 11s… details!
  • Learn to swim. Get back into swimming.
  • Stop biting my finger nails.
  • Walk at least 4,000,000 steps each year.
  • Consume less than 1,900 calories per day on average over a week.
  • Take up rowing.
  • Exercise daily.


  • Go overseas at least once. Work overseas. Live overseas. Visit at least one new country each year.
  • Go backpacking.
  • Live in London. Live in Hong Kong, Melbourne, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, and Vancouver for 3 months.
  • Take a city break every 6 weeks. Take regular vacations to kid friendly places during school holidays. Slow travel.
  • Resume bush walking.
  • Travel carefree like a backpacker, but comfortably as I have grown accustomed.

Intellectual Stimulation


  • Earn an income independent of my parents. Be in a financial position to support my parents.
  • Get a job. Get a second job. Get a third job. Semi-retire. Retire.

  • Make first million by age 30. Make second million by age 40. Have enough money to not worry about money.
  • Learn about stock market. Learn to read annual reports. Invest in shares. Invest in low cost index funds (mostly).
  • Start a business. Run a profitable business. Own (not run) a sustainably profitable business.
  • Invest in real estate. Invest in well located, sustainably self funding real estate.
  • Separate investing time from generating income.
  • Earn sustainable net passive income. £500 per week. £1,000 per week. £2,000 per week. £5,000 per week.
  • Achieve financial independence.
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