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adverb: to competently express interest, surprise, disbelief, or contempt

I was

I was a(n):

  • accountant, analyst, architect, bar useless, consultant, designer, developer, director, financial planner, manager, milk man, paper boy, and photo lab technician.
  • arrestee (but never charged!).
  • backpacker. Everyone should experience this.
  • believer that common sense, imagination, problem solving, and research skills are super powers.
  • Canberra Raiders fan… before they won, while they won, and for 20+ long years since they won.
  • closet idealist.
  • creator of the infamous “evil grandmother” test.
  • cricket tragic.
  • defendant. If you can’t afford to defend a lawsuit, it doesn’t matter how right you are.
  • escapee from the rat race, uncoupling the investment of time from the generation of income.
  • emotional throwback. Nobody likes a dickhead, a martyr, a victim or a wuss. Own your decisions!
  • exhibitionist. Unwittingly so… the internet is forever!
  • explorer. Arguably a synonym for frequently getting lost.
  • grandson, son, husband, father, and uncle.
  • investor. Good is better than lucky, but sometimes being lucky is enough.
  • marathon runner finisher.
  • migrant. This is harder than you imagine, be nice to migrants.
  • mortal. Disappointingly so.
  • ovarian lottery winner. Being born a middle class white male in a developed country during a time of (relative) peace and prosperity was a fortunate starting position indeed.
  • piece worker, casual, permie, temp, freelancer, and business owner.
  • porno movie lead audition invitee.
  • representative sportsman. Smaller constituencies result in greater stories!
  • sceptic. Age grows wisdom but dilutes certainty.
  • tenant, a home owner, a tenant once more.
  • thrower of bricks, herder of cats, and professional meeting attendee.
  • torturer of computers.
  • university graduate.
  • wordsmith.

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