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adverb: to competently express interest, surprise, disbelief, or contempt

The money tree

The Money Tree

“Money does not grow on trees!”

Money tree! We’d like one please?

“A money tree? There’s no such thing.

But listen close so you might win.

Spend a coin and it is gone.

Enjoyed today, but not for long.

Or keep it safe, saved for later.

Its future worth is much greater.”

Douglas Dog. Image credit: StickPNG.

Doug the Pug. Image credit: StickPNG.

Doug the Pug just loves to eat.

He’s the greediest thing you’ll ever meet.

He eats and eats. He just can’t wait.

It leaves him with a tummy ache.

He ate a shoe. He ate a sock.

He ate his coin. He ate the lot.

He eats them fast. He eats them now.

He’d eat this book if he knew how!

“Save that coin, it won’t hurt.

Plant a seed in some dirt.

Water, sun, and patience too.

Combine to make something new.

A tiny shoot sprouting out.

When savings grow, you will shout!

From small things, do big things grow.

That coin needs friends, don’t you know?

A year flies by, so very fast.

Your first coin has a friend at last!

That small seed is now a flower.

Saving is a super power.”

Maya Magpie. Image credit: Lifeonwhite.

Maggie Magpie. Image credit: Lifeonwhite.

Maggie Magpie feathers her nest.

With pretty things she likes the best.

To shiny things she can’t say no.

More splendid still, if left to grow.

She picks flowers. She picks some fruit.

Gold and jewellery. All kinds of loot.

Desiring to impress her friends.

In a contest that never ends!

“Pretty flowers picked today.

Soon dry out, and thrown away.

Or left alone, enjoyed by all.

Seeds replanted will grow some more.

One becomes two. Two becomes four.

Four becomes eight. Eight becomes more.

Leave it alone and let it grow.

Compound interest’s great you know!”

Scarlett Squirrel. Image credit: Gellinger.

Scarlett Squirrel. Image credit: Gellinger.

Scarlett Squirrel builds her stash.

Seeds were planted. Saved her cash.

Not spending money at the store.

She patiently saved to grow more.

Twenty years have come and gone.

Her money tree has grown strong.

A million coins have joined the first.

The others have none, it’s the worst.

“Enjoy some. Share some. Save the rest.

Having options is the best!

Money does not grow on trees.

Saving up makes life a breeze.”

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  1. Dr FIRE 29 July 2019

    You’ve set a very high bar to your challenge, Indeedably!

    This reads just like Dr Seuss. It would be great if stories like this ended up in the classroom in a few years time!

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