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Financial literacy challenge

The financial literacy challenge: write a children’s story that teaches an important financial lesson.

Personal Finance bloggers possess a unique combination of skills and experience: they seek financial wisdom and enjoy writing.

When combined, these form a superpower.

Effective authors distil knowledge into an accessible form, simultaneously educating and entertaining their audience.

Financial literacy

Children can benefit more than most from financial literacy lessons.

Catch them early.

Teach them right.

Program them so their default choices are sensible ones.

Set them up for future financial success.

The fables, fairy tales and nursery rhymes we read as children help to define our moral compass; establish an awareness of danger; and instil a sense of optimism that good ultimately triumphs over evil, while baddies eventually receive their comeuppance.

The financial literacy challenge is open to everyone. This page will provide an index of the entries below.

Have some fun with it, and don’t be shy.

You never know, you may be discovered as the next Eric Carle, Julia Donaldson, or Dr Seuss!


Toddler picture books  <= 500 words  | 32 pages, of which 28 contain the story

Preschool picture book <= 1000 words | 32 pages, of which 28 contain the story

Early reader (age 5-7) between 3000 and 5000 words

Challenge entries

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